Accidental Damage/Loss Protection Insurance For Chromebooks (2015-2016)

For families that purchase the Chromebook device through the Bedford School District, the following option is available for added insurance coverage beyond the one year limited warranty for the Chromebook. For families that lease to own the device through the District, the cost for the insurance will be incorporated into the annual lease payments.

OPTION 1: Parents may elect to purchase an accidental damage/theft insurance policy through the Bedford School District. The district has partnered with the Worth Ave. Group in order to receive a discounted group rate for Bedford families who would like to purchase policies. The insurance policy covers drops, spills, cracked screens, liquid submersion, fire, flood, natural disaster, power surge, theft, and vandalism. The Bedford School District holds the policy for the device and will facilitate insurance claims on behalf of the family.

The annual cost of the insurance policy is $21 for $215 worth of coverage. The insurance will be renewable yearly at the option of the family. Families are asked to select the option to purchase the insurance when payment is made for the device.

Click here for information on the Worth Ave Group Insurance Coverage.

OPTION 2: Parents assume complete financial responsibility for the repair and/or replacement cost of the device ($215) due to excessive and/or accidental damage including; drops, spills, cracked screen, liquid submersion, fire, flood, natural disaster, power surge, theft, vandalism.