Bedford School District 1-to-1 Vision

Our vision is for every student in grades 7-12 in the Bedford School District to have a Chromebook device for school work by 2019-2020.  We believe this will revolutionize teaching and learning in our schools.

Currently, we provide our students with a Google account for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, collaboration tools, school email, calendar, and storage space.  However, students can only access this at school when their teacher is able to schedule time with a computer lab.  At the high school, students are able to use a computer, on average, once every four class sessions.  At the middle school, it is once every eight class sessions.

If every student had their own device, they would be able to use it for every course at any time and anywhere (with wifi).  Students can use these accounts for many things for school, but none is more important than writing.  With Google's web-based word processor, students can write outlines, create rough drafts, get feedback from peers and teachers, revise their own writing, learn to edit and format, and then hand it in for a grade.  Helping students to write is one of our most important goals as a district; having every student use the same device would give us an exponential boost in productivity and effectiveness in the teaching of writing.

In addition, students could access assignments on teacher webpages, research safely on the internet, collaborate with other students, create presentations, take notes in class, and take tests and quizzes with instant results.  In every course, anytime and anywhere.

The plan is to ask parents to purchase a Chromebook.  It is built specifically to work with a Google account.

To find more detailed information regarding the plan, please refer to the links on the left.  If you have any additional questions or ideas, we can be reached at:

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Technology Educator, Bedford High School, Craig

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